2017 Deer Season

What a year it was! Having finished up the fall of 2017 its time to share some of the great trophy bucks taken at the Great White camp. Conditions were perfect for hunting from the opening day of the deer season(Nov 1). We had plenty of snow throughout the month and cold weather.
The Mule deer were in full rut midway through the first week of November and the whitetails were soon to follow. It was an exceptional year for both species and we took some excellent trophies including five mule deer in the 200″ B&C class!
Congratulations to the hunters on there trophy deer and we look forward to seeing many of you on the show circuit this coming January and next year back in camp.
Below are a few of the deer taken in 2017, please click here to see more deer from 2017 & seasons past in our gallery.