Bezoar Ibex In Turkey

For the last 10 years I’ve known the Bezoar Ibex is one of the most impressive big game mountain trophies in the world. But as I found out, very little can compare to the beauty of the vast limestone mountains, sheer cliffs and pine forest that this magnificent creature calls home. In early March 2016 I was fortunate enough to travel to Turkey and hunt the Akseki Mountains for an Ibex. The people were fantastic, the food was excellent, the whole experience unbelievable! The Ibex were scattered throughout the mountains from the top of what seemed like totally inaccessible cliffs and crevices, down to the tree line, foraging in the evergreens. And yes it is very unexpected when you see your first Bezoar Ibex eight feet up in a tree browsing – these things can climb! The hunt was full of excitement and great memories, fresh rainbow trout for lunch cooked mountainside, a few failed stocks on trophy billies and a beautiful nine year old Ibex billy to bring back to Alberta. I can’t wait to go back this coming fall and probably the fall after that too!

I’d like to bring a few friends and hunt along with you, if you want to go contact me for more info Click here to email me