Waterfowl Hunting

Each fall the eastern edge of central Alberta is a temporary home for millions of migratory game birds as they move south for the winter. Greater Canadian geese, lessers, snows, ross, specks, mallards and pintails can be seen by the tens of thousands as they feed in nearby grain fields. Pea, barley, oat and wheat fields can be picked clean in a few short days when the masses show up. That’s where we come in. We predominantly shoot over decoys in grain fields and limiting out is common. Generous limits on all waterfowl species in Alberta offers the sportsman no shortage of shooting each day.

Included in your Hunt

  • Transportation to and from Edmonton, Ab to our waterfowl camp.
  • Shells (12 gauge standard steel shot).
  • Processing of the birds.
  • All meals at the camp, lodging, spotted shoots, guides, caller and transportation to the hunts each day.
  • Shotguns if required.
  • Accommodations for your bird dogs, if needed.

Things you Need to Know

  • Season runs September 1 to October 31.
  • 3 or 6 day hunts available.
  • Hunts over water can be arranged.
  • We can accommodate groups of 1 – 12 hunters.
  • Groups of 8 – 12 hunters can take the full camp.
  • Bird dogs are welcome.
  • Hunters must arrive in Edmonton, Ab (YEG) the day prior to the hunt.
  • Limits are 8 grey geese, 8 ducks and 20 white geese per day.
  • We shoot once or twice a day, depending on limits reached.