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Alberta is home to a tremendous number of black bears and each year Great White harvests some of the province’s largest trophies.  The high percentage of color phase bears is a bonus – cinnamon, chocolate and blondes are not uncommon to encounter on your hunt. Our zone is situated in Alberta’s boreal forest region. It is an amazing old growth forest stretching across the province and continuing across Canada. The south side of our zone boarders a large military base (12,000 square kilometers) where all hunting is restricted. We hunt the border and draw new animals out of that region and into our zone constantly. Our lodge is situated on Winefred lake and is home to some of the best trophy Pike and walleye fishing in the world. More info on our lodge at Winefred lake can be found here

Black bear hunting at Great White is a fun trip with lot of a
ction. It is great for the serious trophy hunter or the whole family looking for a low pressure, fun hunt with plenty of fishing as a bonus.

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