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  • Our hunters are 80%+ successful.

  • Hunts run from Mid September to mid October

  • We harvest 30% color phase bears on average.

  • Bears are hunted over feeding areas from tree stands, platform stands or ground blinds.

  • Average shot distance is 20 – 40 yards for bears 100 yards for moose.

  • Average trophy size is 6 – 6.5′ square (225-325 lbs). We take several bears over 7′ square (350-500lbs) each season.

  • A second bear may be hunted for an additional $2000, on a kill the total cost of the second bear will be $3500.

  • Average trophy size for moose is 43"+

  • There is excellent fishing in the area for northern pike, walleye, perch and whitefish. We supply all tackle, rods and reels.

  • Hunters need to arrive in Fort McMurray(YMM) 

  • A .25 caliber rifle or larger is required.

  • We are happy to supply you with a rifle for your hunt(Fee of $150).

  • Non-hunters are welcome to accompany you in camp ($2,500). Non-hunters with fishing($4000.00).

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