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Wild trophy white-tailed deer, arguably the most sought after trophy animal. More big game hunters pursue white-tailed deer than any other species. Yet a true wild Boone and Crocket specimen, is one of the hardest of all the trophy animals to obtain. Consistently harvesting these trophy wild whitetails is even harder. Great White Holdings, founded by Lloyd McMahon over 40 years ago, has been specializing in taking trophy white-tailed deer since the beginning. A look through our client trophy catalogue speaks for itself. Alberta still gives the true trophy hunter one of the very best opportunities for a once in a life time wild buck.

Alberta is not just known for whitetails, it is also home to some of the very best numbers of trophy mule deer in the world. The vast farm land and prairies produce some excellent trophies each season. It's also still home to the world record “Broder buck” and the province produces true giants every season.

Here at Great White, we are fortunate to have a large collection of allocations in some of the very best areas across the province for both White-tailed and mule deer. For both species we offer combination mule deer/white tailed hunts and straight white-tailed deer hunts through the month of November during the rut.


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