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  • All hunters must arrive in Edmonton, Ab (YEG) one day prior to the hunt and plan to depart the day after the last full hunt day.

  • Rifle season runs the entire month of November, archery starts mid September for both species.

  • Hunts are 9 days hunting, unless other arrangements are made.

  • In 2012 season the average whitetail score was 181″ B&C.

  • Each season we take a few giant bucks close or over 200″ B&C.

  • You will often encounter coyotes on your hunt, wolves occasionally and you will have a license for both.

  • Our most productive method on whitetail is stand hunting from ground blinds or elevated box blinds.

  • Mule deer hunts are mainly spot and stock style once a trophy is located.

  • We take a very limited number of mule deer combination hunts each year; space is limited.

  • Peak rut for mule deer is usually between Nov 7 – 14.

  • Peak rut for whitetails is usually between Nov 14 – 21.

  • Average shot distance is 50 – 175 yards.

  • A flat shooting .25 caliber rifle or larger is recommended.

  • All hunters must take their trophy home after the hunt is concluded. Your license is your export permit. 

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